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Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni Temple’s building structure is brick-based . The temple is divided into a few main areas (main building), mainly "mulasthanam" where "Appa" Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni deity with lord Vinayagar and lord Murugan facing Maruthuvar "Appa". And behind of this building is lord vinayagar and Nagama facing Durga Amman.Secondly where Sri Kaliamma and Sri Sivasanggari "Amma" deity under a mangooseten tree. Thirdly Sri Kunyhee "Amma" devi sitting on the lotus flower surrounding with water fountain. Fourthly lord Buddha sitting on the lotus flower under a coconut tree which surrounding with water fountain.Fifthly Sri Singga muni "Appa" on octagon shape building facing lord Hanuman. Temple management, with blessing of Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni "Appa" had planned to build a 37 feet sleeping baby Shivan beside lord Buddha.
The temple dedicated for Lord Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni "Appa".Registered with Registrar of Society. This temple is located at Lot 5601,5602 Kuala Sawah, Ulu Sawah , Rantau , Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The temple is easily accessible via north and south highway , exit at the Port Dickson ( Rasah ) plaza toll gate. It take approximately 30 minutes drive from the plaza toll and approximately 40 minutes drive from the Seremban town. There is several ways to the temple one is from Rasah second from Taman Tuanku Jaafar and Senawang , thirdly from Rantau ( Port Dickson way ) and fourthly from Rembau and Tampin using the Taman Tuanku Jaafar way.
The temple is planned not to be mere temple of worship, but one-stop center for social; self, morale, economy, cultural developments of Hindus.But not only hindus but alot of other races are also taking part.Many projects or events has taken place such as blood donating every year during the temple festival.
The main attraction of the temple is Arul Vakku by the priest in trance. The priest goes in to trance for advice. Thousand of people throughout the country and from all over the world have benefited from the Arul Vakku. Many illnesses have been cured and shattered families have been reunited. Furthermore many couples was blessed with the opportunity to bear a child, after not having children for years.
Legal StatusRegistered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) under the Registration Number of 1362.
Specialties Of This Temple
Arul vaaku
Dancing on the fire ( sudam )
Walking on sharp long parangs (swords)
Dancing on the "Uunjal"(swing) - The unnjal is made of 2 long sharp parangs (swords)
Daily Patronage
Worshippers who frequent to the temple are those living in the vicinity, e.g. Kuala Sawah, Ulu Sawah , Rantau , Port Dickson and Seremban. Higher number of worshippers are from surrounding Seremban. There are frequent visits of worshippers out of the Negeri Sembilan state, mainly from Penang , Kedah, Perak,Singapore,Sabah and Johor.The worshippers charther a special bus to visit the temple. Tuesdays & Fridays often record a higher number of worshippers, approximately 600-800 people, as compared to other days. The middle-aged group predominate among the regular worshippers; followed by the youth, children and elderly people

The History Behind The Temple.
Formerly Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni temple was in 5 th mile of Jalan Tampin, senawang (infront of Petronas). The temple structure is made of wood and zinc roofing (hut) the main deity is Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni and the three "Sullam" surrounding with alot god's photo. During this time there only one person taking care of the temple who is the temple priest. He is known as Mr.P.Murugavel.He is the person get in to trance and advice people, who seek his help. He was staying with his brother Mr.N.Maniam, just beside the temple.
This temple was beside the railway track.In 1990 KTM or formely known as Keretapi Tanah Melayu had ask the temple ,Mr.P.Murugavel to vacate the place, since the land is own by Keretapi Tanah Melayu. The reason Mr.P.Murugavel was ask to vacate the place was due to laying of double railway tracks which effect the temple. Without creating any problem Mr.P.Murugavel move to Kuala Sawah , Ulu Sawah , Rantau which is approximately 20 kilometres from the old temple. At this point of time there were a lot of helpers/volunteers, mainly Mr.Kunasegaran who is one of most senior person and Mr.M.Ragavan.
In Ulu Sawah Mr.P.Murugavel placed all his temple things in small hut which made of wood and zinc.Slowly, when the time progress the temple was developing well and number of devotees increased dramatically.Slowly the hut become small building, there where three main deity where place as "mulasthanam" who is lord Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni. Beside the main "mulasthanam" lord Vinayagar and lord Murugan were placed.
While time past by, another small building were build infront of the "mulasthnam" for Maruthuvar "Appa" .Maruthuvar "Appa" was carved by skillful person from India.Later Sri Sivasanggari "Amma" was place under the mangoseteen tree. Sri Sivasannggari "Amma" was formerly from one of the temple in Bhutan Estate Selangor.Time goes by Sri Kaliamma statue was carved bye the same person.Sri Kaliamma deity was placed behind Sri Sivasanggari "Amma" which can be view right from the main road.At same time Sri Kunyhee "Amma" devi was place infront of Sri Sivasanggari "Amma" with the water fountain.Later Sri Singga muni "Appa" statue was carved by the same person.
Now the temple has been registered under the Registrar of Society (Registration Number of 1362).Beside this land the temple management with blessing of Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni "Appa" bought two lots of land just beside the temple.Number of devotees in the coming to the temple are increasing day by day.A lot volunteers giving their service to Lord Sri Sivasanggara Valmuni Vannamuni "Appa" and to the poeple who is coming to the temple.

Pooja Schedule
Prayers (pooja) are held two times daily, Monday - Sunday
morning 7.00 am
evening 7.30 pm
Arul Vakku is only on Tuesday's and Friday's. (After 9:00 pm)
Other ServicesArchanas are performed daily. Apart from which, the temple also organises Thevaram & Bhajans Classes. Additional services offered are Religious Counselling, dance ( Bharathanathiam )classes , Family Counselling, Accomadation facilities for the devotees who can't go back late in the night.